Come thru with an idea - leave with a business

I'll provide you with the resources and knowledge to help you get one step closer to Freedom by starting your own business all from apps on your iPhone. I'll teach you:

  • How to pick a new fresh name for your business

  • How to design your logo & website all from your iPhone

  • How to market your business through social media automagically

  • What apps to use to clear your mind for productivity and positivity

  • How to setup repeat payments from your iPhone to get the bag 💰

Course curriculum

Your Teacher

Eric Jordan

Designer + Strategist

Eric Jordan

Hi. I'm Eric. I've worked with a variety of notable companies such as Nike, Adidas, Complex Media, and Def Jam as a designer. While living in New York City, after a being an employee for years, in 2015 I took the leap to work for myself. I began to deliver design solutions for entrepreneurs and startups. I was able to work from anywhere & I had the chance to help bring ideas to life while traveling with my family. With this course, I'd like to help you bring your idea to life to give you a bit more freedom all from your iPhone.

Course Bonuses

Here are the complimentary gifts you'll receive with your Freedom from the iPhone course

  • Free ebook

    Sign on to the Freedom from the iPhone course and get the Fire Your Designer entrepreneurial ebook for free!

  • 1 on 1 FaceTime

    With your purchase, you'll receive a 30 minute 1 on 1 check in to make sure the course load is helpful and effective. This is your time to ask the specific questions to help you move forward.

  • Private Support Group

    With the Freedom from the iPhone course you get instant exclusive access to other students both current and alumni within a private group for questions and support.


The fine print that is big enough to read and easy to understand

  • Risk Free

    No need to worry. If you leave this course without a logo and website from your iPhone or simply aren't pleased after completing the entire course within 14 days, you'll receive your money back.

  • Materials

    Get your iPhone charged up with a pen and paper and be ready to #NetflixAndBuild you can build your side hustle while watching your fav show. This course is easy & use quick.

  • No Biz Idea No Problem

    Don't know what your side hustle should be but you know for sure you want to secure a second source of income on your own, this course is for you.

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